Would you like to become a Member?

Our Club currently operates 2 airplanes and we have many great things to offer including:

2 safe, economic and well equipped Cessna aircraft. Both airplanes are fully IFR and ready to fly at any time.
A large hanger with an attached club room that can be used for training, meetings and flight planning.
A front lawn with a perfect view located mid-field on the main runways with a picnic table and benches.
Social activities and fly-in events.
The Rangers is an equity ownership club (each member owns an equal share of the club’s assets). When you join, you purchase a “share” of the club. If you decide to leave the club will purchase your share back from you. You have no need to worry about selling your share if life takes you elsewhere.

Our Members pay an annual fee for fixed costs such as our hanger, our insurance and our aircraft’s yearly inspections. Members then pay a per tach (engine) hour fee to use the aircraft. Aircraft rental is wet (fuel included). Scheduling is very flexible, easy and can be done online.

Our Club has 2 CFIs (Certified Flight Instructors) who can help you get back into flying, stay current and work towards more challenging ratings. If you’ve been out of flying for a while and aren’t sure how to get back into the air, let our helpful and friendly instructors show you how easy it can be!

For more details, please contact Luis Cuellar at 651.447.6554 or via email:  Rangers Flying Club.

Download the Rangers Flying Club Membership Brochure